Statistical Communique of the Peoples Republic of China on the 2012 National Economic and Social Development


转变经济发展方式    the transformation of economic development mode

......为主线    take ... as the mainline

稳中求进    make progress while ensuring stability

......总基调    follow the general tone of...

加强和改善宏观调控    strengthen and improve the macro control

为全面建成小康社会奠定了良好基础    a good foundation was laid for the comprehensive construction of a well-off society

一、综合    General outlook

第一产业    the primary industry

第二产业    the secondary industry

第三产业    the tertiary industry

居民消费价格    the consumer price

固定资产投资价格    the prices for investment in fixed assets

新建商品住宅    the new commercial residential buildings

农民工    migrant workers

国家外汇储备    China’s foreign exchange reserves

全国公共财政收入    the total public revenue

二、农业    Agriculture

粮食种植面积    the sown area of grain

油料种植    oil-bearing crops

糖料种植    sugar crops

捕捞水产品    fished aquatic products

木材产量    the total production of timber    

节水灌溉系统    water-saving irrigation systems

三、工业和建筑业    Industry and construction

国有及国有控股企业    the state-owned and state-holding enterprises

集体企业    collective enterprises

规模以上工业    the industrial enterprises above designated size

纺织业    textile industry

通用设备制造业    manufacture of general machinery

专用设备制造业    manufacture of special purpose machinery

非金属矿物制品    non-metallic mineral products

有色金属冶炼和延压加工业    smelting and pressing of non-ferrous metals

四、固定资产投资    Investment in fixed assets

住宅投资    investment in residential buildings

新开工建设城镇保障性安居工程    the newly started construction of affordable housing projects

五、国内贸易    Domestic trade

社会消费品零售    the total retail sales of consumer goods

建筑及装潢材料类    building and decoration materials

六、对外经济    Foreign economic relations

实际使用外商直接投资    the foreign capital actually utilized

对外承包工程业务完成营业额    the accomplished business revenue through contracted overseas engineering projects

七、交通、邮电和旅游    Transportation, post, telecommunication and tourism

货物运输总量    the total freight traffic

货物运输周转量    the freight flows

规模以上港口完成货物吞吐量 the volume of freight handled by ports above the designated size

规模以上港口集装箱吞吐量  Container shipping of ports above the designated size

旅客运输总量    the total passenger traffic

全国民用汽车保有量    the total number of motor vehicles for civilian use

完成邮电业务总量    the turnover of post and telecommunication services

电信业务    telecommunication services

新增移动电话交换机容量    the newly increased capacity of mobile phone switchboard

固定电话用户    fixed telephone subscribers

电话普及率    phone coverage

宽带上网人数    wide-band users

互联网普及率    the coverage rate of Internet

国内出游人数    domestic tourists

入境旅游人数    inbound visitors

香港、澳门和台湾同胞    Chinese compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

过夜旅游者    overnight visitors

国际旅游外汇    foreign exchange earings from international tourism

国内居民出境人数    China’s outbound visitors

出境人数    outgoing visitors

八、金融    Financial intermediation

流通中现金    cash in circulation

存款余额    savings deposit

个人短期消费贷款    short-term loans for individuals

可转债筹资    convertible bonds

可分离债筹资    bonds with attached warrants

公司债筹资    corporate bonds

意外伤害险业务原保险保费    casualty insurance premium

寿险业务   life insurance indemnity

九、教育、科学技术和文化    Education, science & technology and culture

研究生教育招生    the post-graduate education enrollment

普通高等教育本专科招生    the general tertiary education enrollment

职业教育    vocational secondary school

普通高中    senior secondary schools

普通小学    junior secondary schools

特殊教育    special education schools

国家工程研究中心    national engineering research centers

国家工程实验室    national engineering laboratories

国家地方联合工程研究院    national and local joint engineering research centers

国家地方联合工程实验室    national and local joint engineering laboratories

天宫一号    Tiangong-1 Target Spacecraft

北斗二号卫星导航系统    Beidou-2 Navigation Satellite System

海试    sea trial test

地震台    seismological monitor

海洋观测站    oceanic observation station

测绘地理信息部门    mapping and geographic information departments

艺术表演团体    art-performing groups

有线电视用户    subscribers to cable television programs

十、卫生和社会服务    Public health and social services

医疗卫生机构    medical and health institutions

村卫生室    village clinics

卫生监督所    health monitoring institutions

执业医师    practicing doctors

五保供养    five-guarantees supporting

十一、人口、人民生活和社会保障 Population, living conditions and social security

出生率    a crude birth rate of

死亡率    a crude death rate of

出生人口性别比    the sex ratio at birth

流动人口    floating population

农村居民人均纯收入    the annual per-capita net income of rural households

农村居民人均纯收入中位数    the median of per-capita net income

城镇基本医疗保险    urban basic health insurance program for staff and workers

十二、资源、环境和安全生产    Resources, environment and work safety

全国国有建设用地供应总量    the total supply of state-owned land for construction

全年水资源总量    the total stock of water resources

城市污水处理能力    the daily treatment capacity of city sewage

建成区绿地率    greenery coverage

洪涝地质灾害    flood and waterlog



注:《中华人民共和国2012年国民经济和社会发展统计公报》摘录自Beijing Review No.10 (March 7, 2013)